It’s late, so here’s a present! The final Superbad paintings! These were going to be for a Judd Apatow tribute art show in San Diego that unfortunately has been cancelled. Bummer! I really enjoyed doing these because I am totally in love with this movie. I hadn’t watched it in a couple years, so checking it out again to make these reminded me of why I chose this movie out of all the ones Apatow has produced. It’s so damn FUNNY, and the story is golden all the way through.

Favorite bits from Superbad: Seth’s rant to the Home Ec teacher. Seth and Evan on the soccer field (“She’s making a pube salad and she wants some Seth’s Own dressing.”). Evan stuck in the room, singing with those guys (“Hey. Who’s THAT guy?”). The first time the cops meet McLovin. “I’m sorry I blocked your cock.” Oh, and of course the dick drawings.

Things I like about these paintings: The caricatures of the background singers. The head & foot tilts of Mark in “Blood Brothers.” Seth’s facial expression. The perspective on McLovin’s arm. The color palette of “These Eyes.” The typography on all three, which I opted to freehand rather than measure out with a ruler or anything. I think the type meshes pretty well with each piece.

Things I struggled with making these: Spotting blacks, as I mentioned in a previous post. But the more I do it the more I feel comfortable doing it, little by little. The caricatures of Seth Rogen & Bill Hader. I feel like, out of all the characters in all these paintings, those are the two least satisfying. Their expressions work, but the caricatures are off, and the overal construction of their heads and faces could’ve been executed better, especially considering how much better I did with everyone else. The monochromatic colors of the McLovin piece. I like how it turned out, but damned if it wasn’t more difficult than it should’ve been to get there.

Yay, Superbad!

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